ROHC - Robust Header Compression

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This is the home of a free implementation of ROHC, Robust Header Compression defined in RFC 3095. The implementation is currently running under a Linux kernel, 2.4.20 and a PPP connection (over Ethernet). Currently the framework and four profiles is implemented, UDP, UDP-Lite, IP-Only and uncompressed. The main reason for this project is releasing the code public and to help other with future development.

This project is released under GPL-license.

What is header compression?

There exist two types of compression for increasing the bandwidth in a network. The first one is package compression, done on the data itself. This is for example normally done by a webserver with gzip when a webpage is requested. Another method is to compress the IP-header itself, something that is done between two linking points. A normal IP-header on 20-byte can with ROHC be compressed to 1-byte at maximum compression level. A UDP/IP-header can be compressed from 28-byte to 3-byte, saving 25-bytes. This is off course ideal cases.
An ideal environment to use header compression is in links with low bandwidth, like in a cellular phone or a modem connection.

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